Zac is a husband to his High School sweetheart, father of a son and daughter, an 8 Year Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and community leader.

For more than a decade Zac has been on path of spreading the message of irrational self-confidence and the re-building of people’s authentic selves.

From leading Sailors and Marines to leaving the service and writing and recording to millions of viewers and readers Zac’s message has been felt in person and heard across the globe.

Zac’s life did not begin the way it may appear due to his consistent positivity and motivation; in fact he has embodied those virtues in spite of losing his mother to suicide at the age of six years old and facing an upbringing with unique challenges.

Zac brought himself from being held back and spending five years in high school to obtaining his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Human Performance.

Hunter leads leaders having worked with Fortune 500 CEOS, top Social Media Influencers, Therapists, Politicians, and Military Officials.

Hunter is the Founder of The Family Alpha and CoFounder of the Fraternity of Excellence.

Zca turned his life around by joining the military in 2006 and has been dialing himself and others in ever since; with Zac’s mentorship you can do the same.