Hi, my name is Luca and I'm specialized in one on one training and online fitness coaching. I started my self-development path in my mid-twenties, mainly by attending several 21CON where I met Hunter for the first time. After his speech, I then decided to follow him by subscribing to his newsletter. Although I am not a father yet, I enjoyed his content, I liked the way he delivers his message, clear and straight to the point.

After a few months, I decided to participate in the 31DtM campaign, it was definitely mind-blowing and very VERY impactful on my life. Shortly after I joined his private online community, the Fraternity of Excellence. Being part of FoE is one of the best long term investments I ever made. The further step I took was working one on one with Hunter Drew.

Here's my experience:

Before working with Hunter, my progress was steady. I got to the point where I was content of my job, relationships, my physicality. I couldn't really see any other area of improvement, however, I felt that I had the potential to do and be better, I felt stuck.

I initially ask for help to Hunter to grow my online business and presence. So I did, but at the same time, I gained even more in other areas of my life. I pushed myself in uncomfortable zones like speaking in public, believe in my potential, say what I think without fear of being judged or rejected, being accountable to myself first and foremost.

With Hunter's support, I was able to grow in different areas of my life and see my purpose more clearly. I worked with different coaches before and took different programs but I never completed my assignments and learn any meaningful and permanent life lessons. Hunter was keeping me accountable and genuinely advise me on our weekly calls. He helped me to cope with my anxiety and face difficult situations with a completely different mindset and have fun with it.

I learned the importance of being more comfortable in social settings, speaking more clearly with a confident tone and voice, taking the lead when everyone around you is uncertain, as well as in my relationship.

Either is one area in specific or a more general approach to become a better version of yourself, I highly recommend to work with Hunter, he's very versatile and able to enrich your life if you want to put the hard work in.

My life has improved after working with Hunter and I am now a proud member of FoE for life

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Luca Nicoli