Fatherhood For Modern Times

Are you looking to raise your standard of performance as a father? 

Are you looking to ensure you’re giving your children your very best?  

Fatherhood for Modern Times will offer immediately applicable action items for you as well as ask you questions designed to get you thinking outside the “norm” which is so frequently promoted and praised yet when you look around at fathers and their children the mediocrity cannot be overstated. Most family men say they’d “do anything for their children”; 

The Fatherhood for Modern Times course puts that to the test.  

It’s easy to say you want the best, it’s much more difficult to put your money where your mouth is and invest the greatest role you’ll play in another human beings life, their father.  

It’s 2020 and gone are the days where having a roof overhead, food on the table, and clothes on your children’s back is doing enough.  
 In the age of tech, social media, and politically correct everything these kids are navigating mine-filled waters; they need a father who is up to the times and up to the task of doing more to help them break from the shackles their peers are anchored by.  

I do not have the audacity to lay claim that I know exactly what I’m doing as a father, but I do know that I’ve been writing for over 5 years on the subject of family and fatherhood, worked with and helped thousands improve their relationship with their children and their performance as a father.

Fatherhood for Modern Times offers: 

  • An electronic copy of Fatherhood for Modern Times: Three Steps to Becoming a Father Suited for Tomorrow.
  • 10 immediate actions you can take
  • 5 new approaches to consider
  • Real world examples of how the most minor tweaks can lead to the greatest changes. 
  • A video for each chapter • An audio file for each chapter • Bonus Video & Audio files •
  • Discounted offer for further one on one work 
  • A discount to joining the Fraternity of Excellence