Society has turned its back on the development of the masculine male.

This has created generations of men who are repressing their authentic and biological nature instead of expressing it. The result is depressed, sexless, self-loathing, unmotivated men simply existing in this world.

This is why the 31DtM program exists.

31 Days to Masculinity is a month long campaign which has been taken on by thousands of men and those who’ve succeeded in applying the principles and completing the challenges have changed their lives for the better forever.

This book takes you on a 31 day journey of discovering who you are as a man.

Zac has created something which will challenge you mentally, physically, and spiritually like nothing before; helping you help yourself rid conformist behaviors and replace them with authentic actions.

There are many programs which promise you a greater life lived, 31DtM actually gets results.

It isn’t easy, it’s definitely worth it.

Commit yourself to the program and you’ll reclaim the authentic self who lives inside, fighting to get out.

Grab the steering wheel of your life and join the thousands who’ve graduated this program.